How To Check For Password Breach

how to check for password breach

This is an age old problem, even before websites and online security. Passwords getting hacked has always been an issue. In this post I want to share how to check for password breach. I’ve been a network consultant for over twenty years, a network administrator for over thirty. It seems no matter what if there…

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What is two-step verification?

two-step verification for security

I’ve written in the past about the importance of security for your website and online assets and the need for stronger passwords.  As you know the game is always changing and hackers are constantly looking for new ways to access your information. One technique that I’m seeing more and more services utilize and recommend is…

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How To Secure Your WordPress Site

how to secure your wordpress site 1

I’ve been asked several times recently about how to update your WordPress site so that it will no longer show the “not secure” warning message in the browser address bar. Many website owners do not realize that since 2014, web site security is a top priority for Google. It’s been noted that Google will rank…

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WordPress Security

Some on recently asked what I use to secure my WordPress sites. Here is a few things I suggest I’m sure there is probably a lot more solutions this is what I find quickest and easiest. First when creating the password for the site and the WordPress user make sure to use a secure password.…

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A Quick Computer cleaning tip

If you are anything like me you visit hundreds of websites a day trying out many of the latest applications for your pc just to see if you can make your job or pc faster, bigger, better. Well in doing so we tend to slow down our computers from all the testing and normal day…

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Paypal Fraud eMail

Most of us that do anything online have a Paypal account and of course there is nothing wrong with that. You may have gotten many different eMails like this, the most recent is title “PayPal – Notification of Account Limitation” The thing to watch out for is eMails like this are phony eMails that LOOK…

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McAfee acquires HackerSafe

It’s official McAfee has finalized the acquisition of Scan Alert. I use this service on my critical ecommerce sites such as Ask Database and That One Corp. Here is the official release from McAfee: We are pleased to announce that the acquisition of ScanAlert, Inc by McAfee, Inc. is complete. McAfee, Inc. is the leading…

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