My Focus for 2016

Each year I set out to make this year better than the last and to do that I focus on on a keyword or keyword phrase.

If you’ve read my posts over previous years you would see that I’ve chosen words like “Simplify” or “Focus” last year it was the phrase “It’s Okay To Say No”.

This year my focus for 2016 word is: Fruition – [froo-ish-uh n]

  1. Attainment of anything desired; realization; accomplishment: After years of hard work he finally brought his idea to full fruition.
  2. Enjoyment, as of something attained or realized.
  3. State of bearing fruit.

The reason I chose this word is that I’ve had several things in the works for a few years and THIS is the year that several of them will come to fruition. One of them is a project I’ve been wanting to complete for a few years now and you will be hearing about that project in the coming weeks, if not sooner.

Looking at these synonyms may help grasp the thought behind the word I chose.

Materialization, accomplishment, actualization, attainment, completion, consummation, enjoyment, fulfillment, gratification, maturity, perfection, pleasure, realization, ripeness, satisfaction, and success.

As I move through the year I will focus on getting things to completion, appreciate the accomplishment in doing so. And find satisfaction of having another project completed.

I think this word will not only effect my business, but also my personal life.

Being a recovering work-a-holic it has been difficult for me to let things go long enough for me to enjoy things outside of work fully. Last year was better than years past and this year will be even better. One would think it would be easy to just shut off the computer, walk away for a few days and enjoy a vacation.

Maybe, if I can really apply the meaning of this word to my personal life I can reward myself with the satisfaction of knowing I was able to get more things to completion and get some enjoyment and not feel guilty reaping the rewards of success.

I’m curious, have you chosen a word or set a goal for 2016? Do you set anything in place to make this year better than the next?

As always I’d appreciate your feedback and like to hear from you in the comments below…

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