Paypal Fraud eMail

Most of us that do anything online have a Paypal account and of course there is nothing wrong with that.

You may have gotten many different eMails like this, the most recent is title “PayPal – Notification of Account Limitation

The thing to watch out for is eMails like this are phony eMails that LOOK like they are coming from Paypal but they are not. They are from rip off artists trying to steal your paypal login information.

Sure they are using the logo and the from address says paypal all the way down to the copyright information.

Here’s how they trick you, they tell you that you need to login and update your information. They even provide a link for you to click to get there to login.

The trick is in the url…

paypal fraud

Notice that it does in fact say in the url but it is AFTER an IP address! That in fact is the site you are going to the information after that is a subdomain on that website and not as it may appear.

Some of the eMails get a little more craftier and SHOW the right address but if you place your mouse over the link without clicking you will see that it to is a bogus address.

I hope this post helps you from getting your bank account wiped out by a would be thief.

All the best and much success online and off!

Frank Deardurff – That One Web Guy!

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