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I was just reviewing the upcoming iOS 5 (Apple’s mobile operating system) and seen that they will have a “news stand” feature to get your subscriptions. Having an account at Zinio (an online magazine service) I quickly wondered if that would be the end of that service. I then realized that there are other services like that as well or the fact that several of the magazines themselves publish digitally so I imagine there’s room for everyone.

That holds true with books and bookstores, although I would think that the book stores are seeing strong competition from the eReaders and digital books (just ask Borders right?). I have both the kindle app and the iBook app and use them both. There are some cases though I still prefer the physically version though I’m finding the digital readers great for somethings it just doesn’t beat being able to take notes in the margins of training books. Or getting an autograph from your favorite authors. That being said I do like the convenience of having a book readily available on my phone.

I’m curious your thoughts on this. Are you finding yourself buying more digital books and subscriptions? As a new author I’m just curious about that. My book that just became available this week with Co Author Bret Ridgway “50 Biggest Website Mistakes” was released as both a physical book and a digital book. So I’ll be curious to see which gets more sales.

Either way I’d love to hear your thoughts and if you are using digital which reader do you prefer. Just leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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