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Premium iPhone Headphones

I figured I’d write this quick post to share my findings to maybe help others. Since I didn’t find many posts that had a decent review. Up until earlier this year I had always carried two sets of head phones. I know that sounds crazy but let me explain. I’ve had many cell phones over…

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Physical vs Digital Reading

I was just reviewing the upcoming iOS 5 (Apple’s mobile operating system) and seen that they will have a “news stand” feature to get your subscriptions. Having an account at Zinio (an online magazine service) I quickly wondered if that would be the end of that service. I then realized that there are other services…

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Testing is everything

As I’ve said time and time again it is important to test everything. If you’re creating a new website test colors, headlines, images etc. If your sending emails test subject links, action links etc. One of the things I do when creating new websites or web applications is test browsers. I seriously check all sites…

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Video Posts with HTML5

Mobile video

I use quite a bit of video from day to day either on various blog posts or in membership sites for my self or for the clients I work with. A product I’ve been testing lately seems to be working really well it’s the video player from What I really like about this plugin…

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Web Hosting: Domain vs Add on Domain

Since I own a couple Web hosting business and am a web guy as well, I’m frequently asked the question what is the difference between an add-on domain versus a regular domain. This sounds confusing already I know because most people think of a domain as being the name of the website and not the…

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Daily iPhone Apps

I thought today I would create a list of the iPhone apps I use on a daily basis. I do test a lot of them, (currently 175 apps on my iPhone) I like checking out applications that are useful for productivity, education, creativity and then the other end of the spectrum apps for non productivity…

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Web Graphics Explained is Here

I just want to quickly tell you about my newest course that I’ve just launched. It’s called Web Graphics Explained and it’s an Online 4 part Webinar series I’m teaching live starting this month. I’ll be covering how to create the web graphic elements I use for my websites and Ask Campaigns as-well-as some…

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Web Images Too Big?

In my recent book “50 Biggest Website Mistakes” that I’ve just launched with Bret Ridgway, we talk about problems with website images one of them being website images being the wrong size and taking forever to load. If you’ve run into that issue you’ll appreciate this video. If you’d like to find out more about…

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Website Date

Ok this isn’t what it sounds like… It’s not some promotion for a website dating service just a quick tutorial on how to add todays date on your webpage. When creating a sales letter web page we like to include today’s date it creates the thought that the page is fresh and new and is…

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Web Biz iPhone Apps

Several people have asked what applications I have installed on my iPhone, well that would be a long list so I though I would focus on a couple that I use for my web businesses. To Keep track of time on projects I use an application called “TimeLogger” really cool and easy to use. Allows…

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Lost Pages – 404 Errors

“Page Not Found” This is something just about everyone has seen at one time or another if you’ve spent anytime online at all. The “web” term for these pages are called 404-pages. Now you are probably thinking why is a “page not found” or a 404 error page a website mistake, and that would be…

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