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Rare Opportunity to Learn (for Free) From THE Master of Conversion…

My friend Eric Graham is holding a special, free webinar this Monday November 26th, at 8:00 PM Eastern.
Get full details below:
Unless you are a serious student of conversion rate improvement you may have never heard of Eric before.
But, I guarantee that ALL of the top, big name “gurus” know who this guy is (and many use him as their secret weapon when they’re having conversion rate troubles or want to outsource their split testing campaigns to “the best”.)
That’s why his clients simply call him “The Conversion Doctor”.
Eric has been working behind the scenes for years, keeping a pretty low profile, while racking up a fortune for himself and his clients in dozens of markets (most of which are FAR removed for the “Internet Marketing” niche.)
Over the years he has conducted over 6,000 split tests and multivariable tests on hundreds of websites.
This tremendous wealth of real-world knowledge and experience allowed him to identify over 850 “Conversion Boosters” that he uses day in and day out to produce MASSIVE improvements in conversion rates. (At least for the luck clients who can afford his 4 and 5 figure fees.)
Well after some serious arm twisting (from several top marketers), he has agreed to share his “Conversion Rate Optimization” formula in a special, live webinar event.
Apparently he is going to be sharing the same presentation he has given at only a select few, underground, closed door events. Many of the attendees at these events have paid thousands to watch this same presentation.
But even though he could be charging (a lot of money) for this webinar, he personally emailed me and told me that I could let my readers attend for free at the link below.

On a personal note… I’ve been careful following and studying Eric’s work for quite a while now and I can tell you, without a doubt that this guy is the genuine article. Unlike some “gurus”, what Eric does and teaches is not based on theory, it’s based on real world results.
Now from what I understand Eric only has a limited number of spots available on this webinar. (And that is not simply a “scarcity” tactic. He really is limited by the webinar host to a fixed number of spots”.) So you should drop everything you’re doing right now and head over to the page below and lock in your spot.

Frank Deardurff – That One Web Guy
P.S. – Even though this webinar is kind of short notice, I’ve cleared my schedule for Monday evening so I can attend and take notes. And I think you should too!

Here is the link again:

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