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Realize for 2017

Wow, 2016 was quite a busy year for me. I hope it was prosperous for you as well.

Last year I had several things that I wanted to bring to fruition and for most of my goals that I wanted to target were achieved.

In saying that as we move forward we have to stop and analyze, are these goals I WANT to achieve or feel that I NEED to achieve just to cross them off the list.

Sometimes it is difficult to take a look of our plans and realize that certain things no longer make sense as a goal.

It’s not that we failed or afraid of reaching that goal. It just happens that sometimes we have plans in place that as we get closer to that task it just no longer makes sense. Life has changed, the desire has changed, or maybe the thing you had planned on doing is no longer needed so why chase after it still.

This year it took me a little longer to decide what my focus or target word would be because I wanted to not refocus but build on last year’s goal.

So where to you go after you take something to fruition?

Fruition means to bring something to completion or accomplishment. Several of the large projects that I wanted to complete have reached that point where they are built and now ready to take to the next level.

The next step for me in this process is to realize the benefits or achievements of these projects.

Realize for 2017 will be my key focus. Looking at the definition is:

To grasp or understand clearly; to make real; give reality to (a hope, fear, plan, etc.); to bring vividly to the mind; convert into cash or money; to realize securities; to obtain as a profit or income for oneself by trade, labor, or investment; to bring as proceeds, as from a sale.

That pretty much sums up what I want to target for these systems that we’ve created.

A lot of my focus this year will be into realizing the rewards for the hard work and where we can take these systems.

I will save revealing what those platforms and systems for another post but for now I’d like to hear what our goal or focus for 2017.

Some say it helps us to realize our goal is if we share them with others. If you’d like to do that feel free to comment in the space provided below in the comments section.

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