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Responsive Design for Mobile Marketing

While updating a site for a push of the new version of WP Affiliate Toolbox I realized that I hadn’t checked the stats in awhile.

Generally this is something I try to do on a monthly basis but I tend to get a bit busy and well, as I’m sure the same thing happens with you checking stats gets knocked down the list.

Truthfully I think this is a major mistake with your website business and I always ask myself, “Why don’t you schedule time to make sure you check the stats?”

In this case in doing so I actually would’ve saved myself some time and worry during the design process. I was getting frustrated that the site wasn’t as responsive as I wanted.

Fist let me explain “responsive design”. That is a method in the design layout that allows images, videos and other design elements to re-size to fit the media the visitor is viewing the page on. In example instead of a desktop the site visitor was look at the web page on a mobile device such as a tablet or smart phone and the website would know to display the page to fit their device so they would not have to scroll left or right to see the full content.

While this is getting more and more important I feel it is even more important to know your traffic numbers. In my case 90.55% of the visitors thus far have been on a desktop browser while only 6.30% and 3.15% respectively for tablet and mobile.

Which tells me eventually I need to go back and adjust my site so everything looks spot on non-desktop devices but for now I can focus my attention on marketing, traffic and conversion.

Of course the most important thing to remember with any website is to get something up, get moving and test, test, test!

I’m curious what your mobile marketing numbers are for your industry. If you’re reading this right now add a comment below and let me know, maybe we can all learn a bit more how mobile buying is working around the web for other industries.

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