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Well the previous post received some good tips and comments it’s always interesting to me to see what is working for other people.

Of course what works for one market or niche may not work in another, but it is always good to test and see.

I figured i would follow up the post on social media with social apps or at least the ones I use and are testing. Being a tech Geek I like to try different apps see how useful they are and what doesn’t work or what I would change on them not that they would listen LOL.

For Facebook on the PC I simple visit the site, on my iPhone I use the facebook app (pretty much a no brainer so far) on the iPad I’m still undecided the app you use on the iPhone is not good for use on the iPad, I could I guess go to the site via safari but figured a good app would be best. The ones I’m testing are Friendly, Social and Facepad each has their pro’s and cons. I like the Friendly layout but it seems slow of late.

As for Twitter on the PC I REALLY like Hootsuite it is pretty versatile has a lot of cool features like added columns timed tweets (yeah I FINALLY have quit calling them twits) and multiple accounts. There are some features though I still like just visiting the twitter site on the web.

Speaking of twitter on the web I fiddled with a twitter search application and put up a site of my own that helps you search twitter nothing fancy for sure. Back to the twitter apps.
on my iPhone I usually use the twitter app and sometimes Echofon. Echofon has a cool feature called “nearby tweets” kind of interesting. For the iPad I use the twitter app or the hootsuite app. As for the other forms of media like LinkedIN and others I’ve really not checked them out as much as I should.

overall I think I use the facebook app the most on the iPhone simply because I have it with the most and the app is very user friendly.

What applications are you using to access social media services? What do you like most about it?

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