Challenge Yourself


Recently, I decided to challenge myself. The challenge was originally to work on an area of my business that I’m either lacking in, forgot about, or simply have never done. In this case it was in a way a double challenge. 1.) To create more videos for my YouTube channel 2.) Run advertisements for those…

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My First Video Blog Post

I’m here at Learn University thought I’d share some insights via a video post. Curious what services you like to use I’ll also be sharing more event recap soon. Feel free to comment below your favorite live video social services.

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Social Media Round Table Discussion

MS tech center

This weekend I was honored to host a round table discussion for MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainers) Day at the Microsoft Technology Center in Chicago. One thing we discussed there is something very important that we should all remember while using social media… During this discussion we were talking about some key things to think about…

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Discussion at MCT Day Chicago

MCT Day Chicago, May 2nd 2015

Something I enjoy doing is helping others learn, I’ve been been involved in some form of training for over 20 years now. Recently I’ve been asked to lead a discussion in one of my favorite cities… Chicago Illinois – if you didn’t know I’m a BIG fan of Chicago sports, I follow the Bears, Cubs,…

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Social Apps

Well the previous post received some good tips and comments it’s always interesting to me to see what is working for other people. Of course what works for one market or niche may not work in another, but it is always good to test and see. I figured i would follow up the post on…

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