Website Date

Ok this isn’t what it sounds like…

It’s not some promotion for a website dating service just a quick tutorial on how to add todays date on your webpage.

When creating a sales letter web page we like to include today’s date it creates the thought that the page is fresh and new and is proven to help conversion.

It is really an easy technique to implement.

I use a javascript include to do this, the main reason is to keep the code cleaner for the search engines to spider without having to sort through javascript code.

Anyway to get started just right click  on your mouse (mac users ctrl + click) on the link below and download this file to your computer and then upload to your web site.

On your webpage insert the following code where you want the date to appear. (note if you have uploaded the script to a differnet location than where the page is you will need to be sure to check the path to the script and put that in the source path (src=””) below.

<script src="date.js"></script>

Another good place to use a similar script is in the footer where you always want the current year for your copyright.

Right click and save this file and follow the similar steps above.

<script src="year.js"></script>

I hope you find this useful for your website.

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