Is Your Online Business For Real?

for real business

One of the biggest reasons why so many online business fail is they’re not taken seriously! People want the dream of working from home and making money with an online business but they don’t take themselves or their online business seriously.

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Know Your Competitors


This is something many business owners never even think about but it is a good idea to know your competitors. One of the reasons is knowing what you are up against. Think about this, do you think a sports team puts their uniforms on and takes the field with no idea who they’re playing against?…

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Know Your Customers

Many business owners “think” they know the answer when asked “Who are your customers”, but I find that many times they really don’t know. If they do know they don’t completely “know” their customers. We think about this generically but for marketing purposes and to be better prepared to service your customer base we need…

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Cheaping Out In Your Business

I understand that business starting out are trying to save money but this is one thing I think that holds many businesses back. What I’m talking about is trying to use free or “discount” services to run their business. Now before I get too far, there are cases where there are perfectly good free applications…

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Ready for 50 Biggest Mistakes?

Well it appears that my next course is nearly complete! Actually almost 2 products complete but the one I’m talking about is… “50 Biggest Website Mistakes – I see Online Business Owners Make” We are making the final tweaks on it and will be launching it very, very soon. Many of these tips are a…

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