Your Website Is More Than A Business Card

more than a business card

I talk to many small business owners and I have many of them question why they need a website. I’ve heard so many of them say “well isn’t it just a glorified business card or just a digital flyer of my business”. Well some of that “may” be true, but your website is More Than…

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Know Your Competitors


This is something many business owners never even think about but it is a good idea to know your competitors. One of the reasons is knowing what you are up against. Think about this, do you think a sports team puts their uniforms on and takes the field with no idea who they’re playing against?…

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Quick Website Tip You MUST read

This post is for people that own websites or visit websites, which these days is pretty much anyone correct? As you may or may not know I run a hosting company called That One Hosting – one of the biggest issues I see on any hosted sites is that people are running the WordPress platform…

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Staying Productive No Matter What

Over the past week I’ve ran into some unavoidable interruptions in my daily procedures. Things where I had to be away from my PC and yes before I continue I did suffer from Discomgooglation which is symptoms when people are deprived of ability to get their Internet “fix.” Any way as I was saying  I…

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