Well my newsletter is officially launched!

Not exactly as quickly as I had hoped but I hope you find it useful. You can read the current edition at http://www.thatonenewsletter.com/current-issue.php

I’ll be posting the old archives again soon as I add more to the site. One thing I had forgoten was the formatting needed to make sure it works in all email clients. To achieve this it is best to format in straight HTML – NO CSS! Although I’ve been creating almost everything in nearly complete CSS these days, I found that many of the email clients disable CSS even online email clients such as Gmail. Fortunately I make it a rule of thumb to test things before going live with them.

In this issue you will find out about current happenings, and this months “Cool Tool”. Also the featured article is on Simple Passwords, things to watch out for and good practices. You’ll also be able to meet this months featured “Reader Spotlight” and find out how to get featured as well.

Just visit http://www.thatonenewsletter.com/current-issue.php then come back and leave me a comment on your thoughts of my newsletter.

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