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This is something I’ve posted about before possibly but something I continue to struggle with. As they say old habits are hard to break.

In continuing with my them last year of “simplify” and this year to take action, I have to push my self on one of my action items.

That action item is to control my day and not let the day control me. (Easier said then done.) I tend to be a bit of a work-a-holic (I know shocker) but with now having grand kids I’d like to not work as much but still be as productive, “Work smarter, not harder” as they saying goes.

For me that has been difficult because I tend to be reactive to the events of the day regarding my clients on the web items I handle so it’s not always easy to say from 9am – 10am I’m going to put out this fire. I do however need to think about scheduling a set 4 hours a day for scheduled tasks of things I’d like to accomplish, and then a couple hours for things I NEED to accomplish which would leave a two hour window for fires.

You’re probably wondering by this point why I’m rambling about this here. I’m hoping that by posting this live it will force me to take action. Plus in posting this I might get some comments that will help me achieve these goals. (And for those that do leave a comment, thank you in advance.)

I’ve heard that to conquer an addiction you must first acknowledge you have one. And I kid that if I’m going to have an addiction the a work-a-holic is a profitable addiction LOL. Thing is though I love what I do. I love being creative, I love being an entrepreneur, I guess the trick is to find a good balance and figure out how to get the biggest bang out of the time available.

I’m sure I’m not the only person that struggles with this, and if you’ve read this far I appreciate it. If you have any suggestions please comment, if maybe you’re in the same boat maybe comment and join me in beating this.

I know this blog is about web strategies but I’m thinking in away this is part of a web strategy to be able to control your day and your work space.

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