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The Way You Start Matters

As I approach the next milestone in my life, (The Big 50) I started thinking what would I have done different to get where I am today.

Then it dawned on me, what difference would it make now? I’m already to this point and honestly I have to say, I don’t think I would want to be anywhere else than where I am right now, today.

Sure, there are “life lessons” I wish I had not faced, stupid things I wish I would have thought first about and decisions I regret making. But I cannot change those things no matter how hard I try and it does me know good to waste time figuring it out.

I thought again for a brief second and said well maybe it would help others not make the same mistakes I did. But what are the chances of someone running into the same things I did? Or going the same route to get to the point where I am now?

So then I pondered, what would I like to change about where I am now? That, is something I can change moving forward. After all, I’m not at 50 yet and even then I think I have some time before I even start down the other side of the hill as they say.

Some things I thought about where personal things I want to continue improving like health and fitness, things I want to learn yet and things I’ve always wanted to try but have not pushed myself to do so.

There are also things in business such as, realizing the hard fact I can’t help everyone. I only have so many hours in the day and I do them and myself more harm by over committing my time.

I think one thing that will help that moving forward is determining the size of the project or task BEFORE saying yes!

I know I led in with “The Way You Start Matters” and it does, and that’s what I’m getting too. When we are “young” we don’t know where to start we just do it and we make mistakes and move on.

But thinking now, the biggest thing that will make a difference is how I start each new day. Focusing on the positive, that today I get to try something new; enjoy where I am; and try to make a difference so that TODAY is even better than the day before.

To do this I won’t have to change much I already start the day with reading some of the Bible, read a few quotes, check my favorite word games to see if it’s my turn and then look at what I have on my to do list for that day.

What I will change, is to take a moment, complete and cross of one small thing on my to do list that “I want” to achieve for that day before checking mail, support desks and attacking fires that have a risen.

By doing this I start the day in a way “I” like, learn a few things and be fresh for the day. This also helps me not start the day in a panic with “oh what did I not get finished yesterday” or “what hacks, support tickets, or fires are already awaiting me” and putting me in a “I have to hurry get these done so that maybe I can get to something on my goal list” frame of mind.

Yeah, I know it’s only a small thing but I think it will help me feel like I accomplished one thing starting the day. I can feel great that I did it and then get to things I need to do in a better frame of mind and in the long run get more done.

So the way you start your day maybe different then how I start my day but it does make a difference starting it on a positive note than in a panic or focusing on negative things that can put you in a frame of mind in which you just want to burry your head under the covers and not come out and play. 😉

I’m curious what do you do to start your day on a positive note? Add your comments below, thanks.

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