Questions About Small Business Taxes

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In my most recent “Don’t Ask Frank” series I had the honor of interviewing my good friend Mauricio Martinez where he answered the most asked questions about small business taxes. We had some really great questions submitted and the interview actually lasted 90-minutes (30 minutes longer than planned) due to the fact that Mauricio went…

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How Did That Happen?


Have you ever start working on something and come back later to make changes and think to yourself “How did that happen?” Or, maybe “What was I thinking there?”

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How Do You Spend It?


This thought came to me as I look through my closet, across my desk and then also as I check spending habits on my bank statements. I’m thinking do I really need this, is it really worth the value that we’ve placed on it? So, I’ll ask you the same question, “How do you spend…

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Brand New Book – Getting Started Online

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I have to say I’ve gotten the bug for writing. Even more so since my previous book hit #1 Best Seller rank on Amazon. This book is the first in a series of 30-Minute web guides. In this book I explain the need-to-know steps you should consider when creating your website. I discuss about knowing…

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The Way You Start Matters

how you start

As I approach the next milestone in my life, (The Big 50) I started thinking what would I have done different to get where I am today. Then it dawned on me, what difference would it make now? I’m already to this point and honestly I have to say, I don’t think I would want…

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Cheaping Out In Your Business

I understand that business starting out are trying to save money but this is one thing I think that holds many businesses back. What I’m talking about is trying to use free or “discount” services to run their business. Now before I get too far, there are cases where there are perfectly good free applications…

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Website Content Out of Site Out of Mind


Welcome to the Frank Deardurff Show – It’s official – I’ve published my first podcast episode! As of this post I’m waiting for iTunes approval but I’m guessing it should appear there soon. You can listen below or on your favorite mobile device once we are approved. The plans are to publish this show every…

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Cost Versus Value

There is many ways to look at this phrase “Cost vs. Value”. At first thought you would think it is in terms of finances or marketing which of course is important but it is much more than “just” that. Cost Versus Value effects every decision you make. Or the decision your customer makes when visiting…

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Web Copywriting Answers!

This is about how to get help from one of the highest paid copywriters on the Internet…for a measley $14. Here’s the story… You already know the importance of great copywriting when it comes to selling your products or services. The right words can get you more customers, more subscribers, more sales and more profit.…

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