Web”Master” vs Web”Designer”

This has been bugging me for sometime and I’m just curious what anyone else thinks about this!

There are so many people out there that call them selves a “webmaster” when all they can really do is desing a good looking page, some not even that they take the content provided them and place into a web page editor and then upload the page the don’t even design the page but simple put it all together.

I was reading and article that said that the term “WebMaster” and “WebDesigner” are pretty much interchangeable. To me a web “Master” is a person that does it all that understands all aspects of putting a page together from the regular html code to inserting other pieces of prewritten javascript, or php . Including but not limited to Graphic work and hooking up the site to autoresponder services, shopping carts, search engine lists and what ever is needed for the website. Maybe I’m confusing that with a web “Developer” but to me a developer is some one who actually creates php and or javascript and understands more technical parts of the web process.

Of course there are other variations of webmasters such as Direct Response Webmasters that actually know about and apply Direct Response Marketing techniques to the website.

I’d love to hear you feed back on this topic so feel free to post your thoughts!

Thanks – Frank Deardurff III – That One Web Guy!

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