Where Did I Put That?

evernote logo center 4c smI ask myself this question frequently! (where did I put that information?) In the process of trying to get so much done in a short period of time I’ve been keeping notes in one of three places two of which are written just for the fact that sometimes it’s just faster to write something down.

But for the most part over the last year I’ve been using Evernote it helps me keep things organized across devices & locations. It doesn’t matter if I add a note on my iPhone, iPad, laptop, desktop or even via the web somewhere else.

Where ever I add the note it all syncs and I can find it with a quick search or organize the notes into different notebooks per client.

I can even email an update to my Evernote account they give you an email address associated to your account so if you cc that address the email gets added to the account. To make it easy to remember I added a forwarder in my email account like evernote@domain.com which makes it easier to get things organized.

I’ve also found a scanner app (Scanner Pro) for my iPhone that I scan a document (this app works well for docs). This app has an option to send to Evernote as well although I need to figure out the best settings so that Evernote will search the contents as they mention is possible.

The best part this is Evernote is free to use, although they do have a pro version.

Curious if you use Evernote, do you use it a special way? Maybe you use another service? Leave a comment and let me know.

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  1. Joe Gormong on January 5, 2011 at 5:15 pm

    I LOVE evernote!

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