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iPhone Location Services Privacy Setting

Are you aware that your phone is keeping track of every place you have been? I know for many your iPhone Privacy setting is either or a concern or you may not even know such a thing existed. There is a setting on your iPhone called Location Services Privacy Setting and by default that setting…

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New Year’s Computer Tips for Starting the year Healthier

We all know that one of the biggest New Years Resolutions is to improve our health. Whether it is to loose weight; get more sleep; get more exercise. All of those things are good but we should also consider the same things for our computers. Think about it we spend hours upon hours each day…

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Hard Drive Fiasco & Data Recovery

hard drive data loss

Being a tech geek sometimes can have some disadvantages. Just a warning this post might get a little lengthy depends on where the story takes me as I share a recent account of a partial self-induced tech nightmare. I’ve been dabbling in PC hardware, since the mid 80’s actually my first real experience with PC’s…

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Go To Webinar Conversion Encoding

Being web tech geek (aka webmaster) I frequently have to post videos for myself and clients to the web in some cases you run into an issue with the file type which is the reason for this post. I thought I would share my steps to save others out there a few hours of frustration.…

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Google Chrome Extensions

I’ve posted many times about internet browsers and have mentioned several times that Google Chrome is my preferred browser. One of the thing I like about many of today’s internet browsers is the ability to add plugins or extensions to “enhance” the browser to meet your needs. I thought today’s post would be about some of the…

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Where Did I Put That?

I ask myself this question frequently! (where did I put that information?) In the process of trying to get so much done in a short period of time I’ve been keeping notes in one of three places two of which are written just for the fact that sometimes it’s just faster to write something down.…

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Web Images Too Big?

In my recent book “50 Biggest Website Mistakes” that I’ve just launched with Bret Ridgway, we talk about problems with website images one of them being website images being the wrong size and taking forever to load. If you’ve run into that issue you’ll appreciate this video. If you’d like to find out more about…

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Defragging for Performance

Here’s another quick tip to help you AND your PC be more productive. This tip is for Defragmenting your hard drive. Sounds scary I know but it’s not really. There is some debate whether this is still needed or not I believe it is. So first here’s the video on How to do it and…

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