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More and more sites are utilizing WordPress to create their websites. Why? It’s a proven fact that search engines “love” wordpress layout. Many site owners love WordPress as well simply because of the ease of use it’s so simple anyone can do it.

Fact is, it is so easy to update the site your self and change the look and feel of the design of the site is as easy as a few clicks.

Changing the “appearance” is done by changing what is called the “theme” which you can do right from the admin panel on the site.

There are literally 10’s of thousands of themes out there varying in size and color to meet your needs. One thing in my opinion that makes the biggest difference is how SEO friendly is it. In case you are unaware SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, that is the practice of Optimizing or enhancing your website so that search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing can more easily “know” what your site is about and determine what the keywords are that people are looking for to find you site.

Choosing the right theme is important if SEO matters to you (and it should). Now I’m not just saying this I’ve tested this time and time again over the years just to prove that this face is true. In fact I’ve done it most recently with a theme I “thought” was SEO friendly and the results was discouraging.

I discovered this recent proof by performing a marketing exercise that I do about once a week on my top keywords or buzz words for my top sites. To do this I just go to the top search engines and type in the key word or phrase that I’m checking. In this case it was for my book using the term “50 Biggest Website mistakes” (note: for the search I didn’t use quotes).

The results this week upset me. You see, in past weeks for that term, my site for the book was all over the first page of Google. This week it was not, in fact I couldn’t find the site in the first seven pages of the search engine. So my first thought was to try again, and again same results even for the other search engines. So I had to think what changed? And it dawned on me that recently I had changed the theme of the site to one that was to better enhance the book (so I thought). I had originally thought that the theme I had used was designed with SEO in mind but apparently not.

Now I could’ve used a plugin like All-in-One-SEO and kept the theme but I don’t have the luxury of extra time to add one more step to my processes nor do I want too. The first action was to go back to a theme I “knew” would work and wait for the search engines to respider the site. As of this post I have just changed the theme about 48 hours ago and I’m certain it won’t be long before I’m back on top again.

I will tell you that if you’ve ran into this same issue or are curious about what themes I would suggest definitely check out: Marketers CMS, Thesis Themes and Woo Themes

I hope this helps you stay clear of this same situation.

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