How Did That Happen?


Have you ever start working on something and come back later to make changes and think to yourself “How did that happen?” Or, maybe “What was I thinking there?”

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Social Media Round Table Discussion

MS tech center

This weekend I was honored to host a round table discussion for MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainers) Day at the Microsoft Technology Center in Chicago. One thing we discussed there is something very important that we should all remember while using social media… During this discussion we were talking about some key things to think about…

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Stock Image Resource

As you may have seen at the beginning of my blog posts I pretty much always add an image to the post. This image relates to the story and helps convey the message I’m writing about. Over the past several months I’ve been getting my images from the same place, mainly due to the fact…

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WordPress Performance Tip

With so many sites these days utilizing WordPress software it is a good idea to keep up with maintenance and performance testing. In this short video I review a plugin that will help determine which plugins are effecting site performance. If you like this video and would like to see more videos like this check…

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Divi WordPress Theme Review

This is a theme I’ve recently located and really like the functionality of it. You can check this WordPress Theme review in the video and see what you think for yourself. They offer a really great deal on it which you can see by clicking here.

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WordPress Theme Or Framework?


Just a short post today I’m looking at making some changes on my site/blog here I’ve been a big fan of Thesis for sometime but I’ve delayed upgrading to version 2. While it might be a great framework still I’ve decided to see what other options there are out there. In saying that I’m curious…

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Did you Forget it?


I Have a free video tip for you in just a second but first wanted to share a thought (and a good post) I pushed myself to get up early this morning. Not that 7:30 is early for most but as many know I don’t sleep much anyway. But I was determined to get another…

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WordPress Themes do make a difference with SEO

More and more sites are utilizing WordPress to create their websites. Why? It’s a proven fact that search engines “love” wordpress layout. Many site owners love WordPress as well simply because of the ease of use it’s so simple anyone can do it. Fact is, it is so easy to update the site your self…

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Video Posts with HTML5

Mobile video

I use quite a bit of video from day to day either on various blog posts or in membership sites for my self or for the clients I work with. A product I’ve been testing lately seems to be working really well it’s the video player from What I really like about this plugin…

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