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I was surprised to get a Google Alert this evening stating that I had made Red Hot Copy’s 50 Coolest Marketers list. This is quite an honor for me to be recognized along with many of friends and several marketers I look up too. Thanks Lorrie for the honor of being on your 2009 list!

If you are unsure of what a Google alert is let me explain. This is a service that Google is working on it is currently still in beta but you can visit the url http://www.google.com/alerts.

When you get there you’ll see a form, simply enter the search term you are wanting “alerted” about the type of results you want for that search term such as news, blogs, videos, etc. I usually select comprehensive to include all types. select a couple other options as well as how you want it delivered either as a feed or sent to an email address I prefer to have mine sent to an email so that any new Alerts hit my in box. I have several set up for things I want to keep up on but I also have an alert set up for my name. If you don’t have one set up I’d suggest at least creating an alert for your name.

It’s pretty interesting to see how quick I receive an alert after I make a blog post. It’s also really cool when you get an alert like I got today.

I think the the “50 Coolest” list thing is a pretty cool idea. If you are reading this leave me a comment about a Blog you think is cool when I get the results i’ll post them in my own 50 coolest list! so go ahead leave your nominee in the comments below.

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