How Did That Happen?

Have you ever start working on something and come back later to make changes and think to yourself “How did that happen?” Or, maybe “What was I thinking there?”

That happened this week for me. Sometime ago I’m thinking a year or two (who knows time flies by so quickly) I changed themes on my site. While I really liked the look of it some functionality that I wanted just wasn’t there and then things just started breaking.

I thought at first it was just a fluke and I was seeing things and just wrote it off. Recently I started looking at stats and things and thought things just aren’t as they once was, what changed? Of course I remembered the “glitches” I was seeing in the site. First thing I thought “it has to be that theme”, so I decided to change it.

Well, it wasn’t the theme…

It seems there is a ghost in the machine, gremlins or these evil things that comes in and ties all of your cables together behind your desk. Somehow, settings got clicked that made certain categories not visible to the public with a membership software that I have installed but not needed on this site. That and a few other things just made me scratch my head as I’m reworking a new theme for the site.

I guess it’s best not to spend time on HOW they happened and just hope that I have all of them rectified now as I finish up an all new site layout. The design is just about done, still tweaking some things to make it work like I want and will be adding things as we go a long but I hope that you are at least able to see all the new posts I’ll be adding in the future.

I’m curious do you run into things like this? Do you have a “how’d that happen story?” Go ahead and share in the comment section below.

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