This weekend I was honored to host a round table discussion for MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainers) Day at the Microsoft Technology Center in Chicago. One thing we discussed there is something very important that we should all remember while using social media…

During this discussion we were talking about some key things to think about while using social media. And one of the participants asked about a concern he had about his Facebook page becoming intermixed with friends, work friends, business associates and potential clients.

His concern was that his after work activities would interfere with his work associates and potential clients. His question led to something very important we need to remember.

People will buy from those they know, like, and trust!

My suggestion to him was to “Just be yourself”. People will connect with you for who you are not someone pretending to be someone else just to win over a boss, customer or potential client.

We should all remember this when blogging or posting in your social media feeds. You are who you are and it doesn’t do any good to hide from that.

We also discussed a topic I’ve heard many times recently about just blocking out “business” from your “personal” feeds. While that is a possible option, in many cases that is very hard to do. After all it is called “social media”.

In thinking afterwords about the event, that maybe, some people have a “concern” about how they live their personal lives. If there is a feeling of guilt about what we do in our “private times” maybe we should strive harder to live a life that you are not afraid or concerned about other people knowing the real you.

I’m curious what your thoughts are on this topic. Could you post your comments in the space provided below?

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