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Being web tech geek (aka webmaster) I frequently have to post videos for myself and clients to the web in some cases you run into an issue with the file type which is the reason for this post.


I thought I would share my steps to save others out there a few hours of frustration.

The issue is that if you are using the GoToWebinar or GoToMeeting record feature with the default settings, the file you receive is a WMV (Windows Media Video) file.

You will quickly find that this file is pretty much unusable if you try to watch or edit it. So you must take a few steps to re encode.

I first tried to re encode using the free Microsoft Expression Encoder – you can follow the steps found here (opens in a new window) on the Citrix website on how to achieve this.

The problem that I ran into was that I received the error that I did not have the GM24 encoder. I went to the GoToWebinar site and found the encoder but apparently that is outdated with the G2W or GTM 5.4 version so after looking around I found a work around for that using the steps found on this site.

With that codec in place I was able to follow the steps from the first site and re encode the video to useable state to edit as needed.

For that I usually use Camtasia to make it a streaming video file that can be utilized on the web.

If you’d like to find out how I do that and many other tips check out the details here.

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    Thanks Frank once again. Alway remarkable information.

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