The Way You Start Matters

how you start

As I approach the next milestone in my life, (The Big 50) I started thinking what would I have done different to get where I am today. Then it dawned on me, what difference would it make now? I’m already to this point and honestly I have to say, I don’t think I would want…

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Life Lesson From A Youth Soccer Game


This weekend I got to see my grand daughters first soccer game. Exciting time for us all! Not only did I get to watch the pride and excitement on my daughters face as she watched her daughter take the field but also the excitement and anxiousness of my four year old grand daughter as she…

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Is Twerk REALLY a word?

I just posted this rant on Facebook but wanted to say a bit more. I just read a list of “words” added to the Oxford dictionary and many of them are not words but abbreviations or modified words from people being to lazy to say or spell the whole word. REALLY?? Things such as apols…

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