Sorrowful Pride

memorial day taps

If you’ve ever attended a funeral for a loved one or friend that has served in any branch of military then you’ve heard the lonesome sorrowful sound of the trumpeter respectfully playing taps for the fallen soldier. I have experienced this for both family and friends and every time I hear it no matter the…

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Did you Forget it?


I Have a free video tip for you in just a second but first wanted to share a thought (and a good post) I pushed myself to get up early this morning. Not that 7:30 is early for most but as many know I don’t sleep much anyway. But I was determined to get another…

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Challenge Yourself

Rise 150

After a 2 month hiatus I returned to the gym today. I had allowed my self to slack off from working out due to a business trip, then the holidays, then the thought of “oh, I’ll just do it from home”. Who was I kidding? It’s way to easy to say I’ll walk in and…

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Forced Add-ons

Adobe Flash Upgrade pushes McAfee scan

OK, this is a bit of a rant but I find this SO annoying! You go to install the suggested Adobe Flash update and if you’re not paying attention you get something more. As you can see the check box is already checked by default. Why would you want to push someone else’s product on…

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Things to be Thankful for

Usually this time each year I post things that I’m thankful for but a friend of mine (Stu Mclaren over at did it a little differently and I liked the format he used so I thought I would share what I posted there. Here is the 10 things I’m thankful for. I’m curious what…

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Book Promotions Underway

Finally getting some book promotions underway for my book “50 Biggest Website Mistakes”. It’s been a lot more work getting going than I thought but makes you appreciate it more when it starts happening. We’ve already had our first tv interview for the book, which will be aired this weekend on a local business show…

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Thanksgiving Wishes

It’s another Thanksgiving, it’s the time of year I like to look back and reflect on the year this far and give thanks and recognize that I’m fortunate to have gotten to this spot in another year. I’m very thankful for my wife of 26 years and our two beautiful daughters who both have now…

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Cost Versus Value

There is many ways to look at this phrase “Cost vs. Value”. At first thought you would think it is in terms of finances or marketing which of course is important but it is much more than “just” that. Cost Versus Value effects every decision you make. Or the decision your customer makes when visiting…

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Direction Not Intention

Been thinking a lot about our recent Sunday service the main impact statement was “Direction not intentions determines our destination”. Our choices in direction leads us down our current path. This makes me realize that people are similar to water, we tend to follow the path of least resistance. To be successful we need to…

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