How To Catapult Your Affiliate Commissions From 50% to 300%

As You may know already, I am a complete information junkie.

I always have mp3s of the latest course and teleseminar playing on my computer. I buy everyone’s stuff–which can range in the thousands of dollars.

But there’s one info-product I listened to that totally blew me away. It was Russell Brunson’s “Affiliate
Evolution” package that went live on Tuesday at 12:00 noon EST.

Now this isn’t one of those general information products we’re used to seeing in internet marketing.


Because Russell reveals the specific gritty details of how he quadrupled the commission he received for
promoting Mike Filsaime’s “Seven Figure Code” internet marketing course…

…and how he’s able to repeat this over and over again, with every product he promotes!

You can see the specific case study here:

You see, over a THOUSAND people got a hold of Affiliate Evolution within a few hours of launching. It makes sense considering the product is only a few bucks!

…which is waaaay different than most of the thousand-dollar info-products I’ve studied!

See what the fuss is about by going here:

Hope you’re having a fantastic week and I’ll talk to you soon!

Frank Deardurff III, That One Web Guy!

P.S. Please take action today. Because Russell is going to raise the price of Affiliate Evolution and take the exclusive bonuses off the table since he’s going to put the content in an upcoming $500 home study course!

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