iOS 13 Full Screenshots

iOS 13 full screen screenshot

From time to time I like to share helpful tips you might find useful. Recently I stumbled across this cool feature in the new iOS 13 release that I thought I’d share with you. I just upgraded my phone recently to the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Maybe I’ll do a review about that in the…

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Background Image Resource

towg resource

This is a resource I’ve located recently and for 2017 I plan on adding more resources that I use or have found that I think are useful to you for your business or website. On a website project, I’ve been working for one of my services. for the website I’m building it with different information…

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Free Stock Photo Sites

free stock photo sites

As we use more and more stock photos it seems our budgets are getting slammed with the price of the paid stock photo services. I know being a web guy, I use a lot of stock photos for my self and my clients. Many places when we use stock photos they are for social media,…

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No (Or Hard to Find) Affiliate Tools

Many times we get so wrapped up in getting the product done and the website up that we forget about all of the details to help promote the website. What we’re talking about is a website mistake many forget to do, or if they do this they don’t make good use of it. That mistake…

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How To Catapult Your Affiliate Commissions From 50% to 300%

As You may know already, I am a complete information junkie. I always have mp3s of the latest course and teleseminar playing on my computer. I buy everyone’s stuff–which can range in the thousands of dollars. But there’s one info-product I listened to that totally blew me away. It was Russell Brunson’s “Affiliate Evolution” package…

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