Success Leaves Traces

Success Leaves Traces

I want to share something with you real quick and I’ll try to keep this brief. 

I found out something better than writing your own book. Yes as you may know I’ve written my own book. It was a great success for me for many reasons and I’ll share that another time but you’re probably wondering what could be greater than that?

Well, that would be getting mentioned in someone else's book. I actually found it quite humbling to be honest. I’ve always been of the belief if you work hard enough and do the right things people will take notice and you will be rewarded accordingly. 

Let me get to the point my good friend, business partner, and long term client “Armand Morin” has FINALLY released his book to the public. 

You’ve probably heard that name before as he is a well known business professional and as I mentioned about my book earlier, he wrote the forward to my book.

Let me just share with you my "Success Leaves Traces" book review that I posted on Amazon...

His book “Success Leaves Traces” opens up a whole new thought process in each phase of this book. It helps you realize what you need to do to think differently and change the way you've thought about many aspects of your life. It's a well thought out path for you to follow. As the book is titled "Success Leaves Traces". This book is written in a way you won't want to put it down until you are finished because Armand shares what successes he followed to reach the success he's achieved.

You can check it out on amazon but I suggest your copy here:

Okay, so my mention comes in the acknowledgements section which I wasn’t expecting and as I mentioned was quite honored. 

I’ve known Armand for probably close to 20 years. I met him at a live event and shortly after was approached by his operations manager about working with their team. Over that time we’ve become pretty good friends, even created a few business projects together.

I tell you that only to say I know and believe in his “Success Leaves Traces” methodology. I’ve seen him apply it time after time. And not just in areas you would think. In the book he talks about how he actually made it on to billboard charts as a country music recording artist. Yes, I witnessed it first hand. You’ll have to read the book to hear that and other fun facts about Armand.

But I will say It’s a straightforward process that helps you understand and apply these strategies to reach the successes you are reaching for. 

I greatly suggest you grab a copy at you’ll find out how you can also attend the “Change Your Life” virtual seminar just by purchasing a copy of the book.

Even better buy a second copy of Success Leaves Traces and change someone else’s life as well.

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