Social Media Round Table Discussion

MS tech center

This weekend I was honored to host a round table discussion for MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainers) Day at the Microsoft Technology Center in Chicago. One thing we discussed there is something very important that we should all remember while using social media… During this discussion we were talking about some key things to think about…

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Are You Blogging Enough?

Are you blogging enough to help grow your business?

A question I’ve been asked a few times of late: “Do I need to blog? and if so how often should I post?” My thoughts are if you have a website it is a good idea to blog. Before I go much further I want to take a time out and explain what a “blog”…

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Category vs Tag for improving SEO on your website

seo tags categories

As I’m revamping my website I’m also looking at ways to increase user interaction and search engine optimization. Ideas and web strategies have come and gone and then came back again. As I move closer to my second decade online I realize that while some things stay the same other tings change and you must…

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My Top Blog List

I was originally going to do this list awhile back, and make a list from nominated blogs (and I may still do that) but the list I have here is a list of blogs I actually check at least once a month, some of these I check more regularly than others and several I read…

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Web Images Too Big?

In my recent book “50 Biggest Website Mistakes” that I’ve just launched with Bret Ridgway, we talk about problems with website images one of them being website images being the wrong size and taking forever to load. If you’ve run into that issue you’ll appreciate this video. If you’d like to find out more about…

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Earn some extra cash?

Isn’t it always good to earn a little extra cash? Especially this time of year with higher heat bills and holiday shopping a few extra dollars always comes in handy! It’s actually pretty easy to do, you just find a product you can sign up for as an affiliate and promote it to your subscriber…

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Do You Share My Frustration?

Just a quick eMail to share a frustration I see my so many of my friends and colleagues struggle with. I get eMails and instant messages from my friends who say they can’t find their web master to get something changed on their website. Obviously I am a webmaster myself but I can’t take on…

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