My Top Blog List

I was originally going to do this list awhile back, and make a list from nominated blogs (and I may still do that) but the list I have here is a list of blogs I actually check at least once a month, some of these I check more regularly than others and several I read from a feed reader.

Hopefully I haven’t forgotten any and reserve the right to update this post 😉 This list is not in any certain order, also there were some blogs that was on my original list that have been removed because they had not had a new post in sometime.

Each of the links will open in a new window so you can check them out and comeback.

If you have a blog based on the theme of topics below please leave a comment and of course as always I’d love to hear your feedback on any of these links.

Web Resources Depot


CSS Tricks

Dig WP


Tech Crunch

Smashing Magazine

Armand Morin’s Blog

Michel Fortin’s Blog

Bret Ridgway’s Speaker Fulfillment Services

Craig Perine’s Blog

Jim Edward’s Blog

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero’s Red Hot Copy Blog

Larry Winget’s Blog

Mike Stewart’s Blog

Paul Colligan’s Blog

Ray Edward’s Blog

IM News Watch

Stu McClaren’s Blog

Connie Green’s Blog

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  1. Mike on January 20, 2011 at 1:56 am

    Awesome list! Glad I found them will visit everyone and learn from them. Thanks a lot Frank!

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