As I’ve said time and time again it is important to test everything.

If you’re creating a new website test colors, headlines, images etc. If your sending emails test subject links, action links etc.

One of the things I do when creating new websites or web applications is test browsers. I seriously check all sites in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari & Opera all on the pc.
For awhile I was doing this on the mac as well, but since I’ve been working from home I didn’t have my old bubble iMac that I have at my offices downtown.

Today though I just received a mac mini that I got off of eBay pretty reasonable so it looks like I’m back to testing fully again I’ve already download firefox & chrome for the mac and of course safari was already loaded.

Didn’t realize how old the software was on the iMac looks I have some things to get caught up on.

Curious what your thoughts are on a few things. When you’re doing your testing what are some of the most critical things you test? Also if you’re a mac user what apps do you think I’d find useful? I’ve already added evernote which I’ve installed everywhere already.

Thanks and I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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