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iPhone Location Services Privacy Setting

Are you aware that your phone is keeping track of every place you have been? I know for many your iPhone Privacy setting is either or a concern or you may not even know such a thing existed. There is a setting on your iPhone called Location Services Privacy Setting and by default that setting…

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Premium iPhone Headphones

I figured I’d write this quick post to share my findings to maybe help others. Since I didn’t find many posts that had a decent review. Up until earlier this year I had always carried two sets of head phones. I know that sounds crazy but let me explain. I’ve had many cell phones over…

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Daily iPhone Apps

I thought today I would create a list of the iPhone apps I use on a daily basis. I do test a lot of them, (currently 175 apps on my iPhone) I like checking out applications that are useful for productivity, education, creativity and then the other end of the spectrum apps for non productivity…

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Staying Productive No Matter What

Over the past week I’ve ran into some unavoidable interruptions in my daily procedures. Things where I had to be away from my PC and yes before I continue I did suffer from Discomgooglation which is symptoms when people are deprived of ability to get their Internet “fix.” Any way as I was saying  I…

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Problems Tracking Time?

If you know me very well you’ll know I go a hundred directions at once at about 100 mph. Of course I’m old enough to be before the “ADD” classifications back when I was in school but in talking with some of my friends I definitely fit the bill. One of the biggest problems I…

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WordPress from iphone

It is now even easier to post to your blog! I am actually writing this post from my iPhone. I would have never thought I would be able to do as many things from one device. The iPhone has allowed me not to have to drag out my laptop while on the road or at…

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