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Why Is Marketing So Important To Your Business?

Marketing is the appeal that brings buyers to your product. Think of it like life…

When you get to the age of finding a mate, you start acting differently. You do “things” to give yourself more appeal. Whether it is how you dress, the way you comb your hair, or even the things you say. Marketing is just like that.

You’re creating appeal or an attraction to your business or brand.

you need branding

Another example of why marketing is so important to business would be if you had the world's best coffee and your business was a plain concrete building on a busy intersection. No branding, no sign, no salesperson out front. Just a plain ordinary building. No one would buy your coffee no matter how good it was because they didn’t know it existed.

Add in your appeal, paint the building, put up a sign “World’s Best Coffee”, Put someone out front handing out free samples. BIG DIFFERENCE! you're bound to start selling cups of coffee.

Increase your marketing by making your branding more “appealing”. By more appealing I mean creating a logo or have one created for you. Decide on a color scheme and be consistent with it. 

Having a recognizable color scheme accentuates your brand. People will associate you to that color. Many of my friends have come to know “my” color to be orange. Many almost expect it when they see my branding. The thing is over the years I’ve down played it some but still use it as an accent color just enough to know it’s there and people know it is something of mine. 

The key thing here is to actually create a color palette of those specific colors and use them every time. Not a shade or variation of that color. That exact color! One of the services I use for creating and saving color palettes is you can watch a review on my YouTube Channel

marketing exampleContinuing with our coffee scenario when you think coffee, many times you think of the Starbucks brand and most will know their logo to be green. But fans of Starbucks (or even non coffee drinkers as myself) will know during the holidays they have their famous red cup. People will actually make a special trip just to get the new design. 

That’s an intentional use of  branding, utilize your branding on the cups, you could and should do the same thing.  Think about adding your logo. Where else could you use it for brand recognition? 

In this example I would suggest on the t-shirt of the person handing out the coffee samples. On the napkins, coupons on the display table. Even on the table cloth on your table if you’re just getting started and can’t afford those items at least get them in your brand color. 

Many people miss so many opportunities by not being consistent in their branding and marketing efforts. You want to appeal to and attract them while also making yourself unforgettable.  Once you make a good impression on them, they will tell their friends and what better kind of advertising then free word of mouth advertising?

That is why marketing is so important to your business.

You don’t get the date/sale without the appeal of marketing!

If you are needing help with your marketing or branding, let me know I'm certain I can help you find out how.

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