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Are You Blogging Enough?

A question I've been asked a few times of late: "Do I need to blog? and if so how often should I post?" My thoughts are if you have a website it is a good idea to blog. Before I go much further I want to take a time out and explain what a "blog" is. A blog is actually...

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It’s Ok To Say No

I never make New Years resolutions but each year I focus on a phrase that will help me take the next step to being the person I want to be. Many times that could be a single word such as "Focus" or "Simplify" and while I still continue to work on those things each...

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Stock Image Resource

As you may have seen at the beginning of my blog posts I pretty much always add an image to the post. This image relates to the story and helps convey the message I'm writing about. Over the past several months I've been getting my images from the same place, mainly...

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