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Learn To Grow

I read a lot of quotes as you may or may not know about me already. I find them motivational and thought provoking and of course sometimes humorous. A quote that I read this morning stood out and it is by Ronald E. Osborne. He said, "Unless you do something beyond...

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Handling Inbox Bloat

If you are like many professionals you run into this problem where your inbox grows and grows faster than you can keep up with so you just scan for things you recognize and tell your self you will go back and check the rest later. I know I’m guilty of this recently I...

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Cool Things Happen

I recently found this site and REALLY liked it thought I would share here in my cool website category/tag. As a graphic artist I really appreciate the cool images also some cool ideas. I hope you like it as well. Check it out at...

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What’s in a Word?

I'm not sure if this is a rant or just sharing a frustration I see from time to time. I do have a fascination with words, like definitions, origins, and how funny the English language can be. Growing up in a single parent home with my brothers and sisters you learned...

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Sorrowful Pride

If you've ever attended a funeral for a loved one or friend that has served in any branch of military then you've heard the lonesome sorrowful sound of the trumpeter respectfully playing taps for the fallen soldier. I have experienced this for both family and friends...

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Changes they are a coming….

After many years of rocking the Thesis I'm trying something different. I've really liked the Thesis theme but the latest 2.0 was a bit of drastic change for me and I didn't want to take the time to relearn the whole system just to upgrade. As I've mentioned several...

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