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Know What’s Going On

what's going on in your business

Here is a tool I use to know what’s going on in my business. It’s a free resource I think you will like and find useful for various reasons.

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Why Make Them Work?

Why make your customers work for customer service

Customer service shouldn’t be difficult. Why make them work for it? A negative experience hurts repeat and referral business as well.

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Honesty is the Best Policy

Recently a friend was telling me about an online challenge they ran into when placing an order from a place that “appeared” to be a reputable business.

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Realize for 2017

2016 was quite a busy year for me. I hope it was prosperous for you as well. In this post, I want to share what my hopes and plans are for the year ahead and beyond.

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Your Website Is More Than A Business Card

I talk to many small business owners and I have many of them question why they need a website. I’ve heard so many of them say “well isn’t it just a glorified business card or just a digital flyer of my business”. Well some of that “may” be true, but your website is More Than…

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How Do I Get More From My Programmer

I talk to a lot of business owners and something I hear frequently from them is “How do I get more from my programmer” or “I hired a programmer and I didn’t get the results I want”. Truth is this happens more often then you know. The thing is its not your fault nor theirs!…

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