Wasted Traffic

wasted website traffic

People say traffic is one of the most important things you need for your online business. While I agree to a point, it does no good if…

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Why You’re Not Building Your List

blog whyyourenotbuildingyourlist

I think at many times I’ve asked myself “why am I not getting more subscribers to my list?” Or what am I doing wrong with list building? Well in this post I’m going to point out some things I’m doing and help explain “Why You’re Not Building Your List”. I like to try to get…

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Study what went wrong in your marketing.

oops key

One of my favorite quotes is from Benjamin Franklin who said “A mistake is truly a mistake if you learn nothing from it.” And I think the same thing is true with our marketing efforts.   Many times we start a project or task and it doesn’t go exactly the way we planned. That includes…

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Responsive Design for Mobile Marketing

mobile marketing

While updating a site for a push of the new version of WP Affiliate Toolbox I realized that I hadn’t checked the stats in awhile. Generally this is something I try to do on a monthly basis but I tend to get a bit busy and well, as I’m sure the same thing happens with…

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Know Your Competitors


This is something many business owners never even think about but it is a good idea to know your competitors. One of the reasons is knowing what you are up against. Think about this, do you think a sports team puts their uniforms on and takes the field with no idea who they’re playing against?…

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Website Content Out of Site Out of Mind


Welcome to the Frank Deardurff Show – It’s official – I’ve published my first podcast episode! As of this post I’m waiting for iTunes approval but I’m guessing it should appear there soon. You can listen below or on your favorite mobile device once we are approved. The plans are to publish this show every…

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Buyers Remorse?

Ok I posted this on Facebook but figured it was a good rant for my blog as well. 😉 I’m not sure if I fully understand Apples Marketing plan – I get the iPad mini (maybe) I mean it seems like they’re trying to back step to grab the kindle fire market. But I DON’T…

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