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Google Sitemaps

In my last post I mentioned's webmaster tools. One of the things they mention to help get your site listed is having a sitemap page. I have found a site that will allow you to create this xml-sitemap online in just a few simple steps. This is a good...

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Google Webmaster Tools

 This is a pretty cool resource for you or your webmaster to help you get your site listed in Google. There are several different items here that Google suggests to make your site Googleble (hmm is that a word?) From Site stats tools to keywords and listings tools...

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Seminar Secrets Finally Shared

I know I have told you about the Big Seminar events that I got to twice a year, and I have mentioned that each event they get bigger and bigger well: Armand Morin, host of the Big Seminar has put together an awesome team to share how he has grown his events to be the...

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Free Credit Teleseminar Replay

The call that I had with Donna Fox on Credit Repair is available at  Just in case you missed the call it was excelent so you will want to be sure to listen to the replay. Even if you made the call you may want to...

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Thanksgiving Wishes

It has been my yearly tradition and something I highly recommend to take a second to look back once a year and take note of what you are thankful for. I do this at Thanksgiving for obvious reasons, but not everyone celebrates that holiday so whatever you are doing and...

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Big Seminar Comments

As I mentioned I was going to post about Big Seminar sooner but there was other news that took presidence. Big Seminar week was awesome. I arrived in Atlanta on Wednesday before Big Seminar happened and there were already people in the lobby that I knew so the...

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Important News

I was going to write a post today about all the cool things that happended at Big Seminar, but that will have to wait until tomorrow as I have more important news for you. It is unfortunate that a good friend of mine and fellow marketing webmaster passed away this...

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That One Workshop & Big Seminar

In just three weeks That One Workshop and The Big Seminar will take place in Atlanta Georgia. October 26, 27, 28, & 29, 2006. The biggest reason I am holding my workshop the day before Big Seminar is so that you can get the most out of your trip to Atlanta. And if you...

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